Cuban Peso Exchange Rate

Cuba currency Cuban Peso:

ISO code: CUP
Country: Cuba
Full name: Cuban Peso

Last CUP rate update: today (2018/01/24)

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Exchange rate of Cuban Peso against main foreign currencies

CUP Exchange Rate Currency Convert Convert 100 Cuban Peso
1 CUP USD = 0.0392 USD USD Convert CUP to USD 100 Cuban Peso to US Dollar
1 CUP EUR = 0.0319 EUR EUR Convert CUP to EUR 100 Cuban Peso to Euro
1 CUP GBP = 0.028 GBP GBP Convert CUP to GBP 100 Cuban Peso to Pound Sterling
1 CUP CHF = 0.0375 CHF CHF Convert CUP to CHF 100 Cuban Peso to Swiss Franc
1 CUP CAD = 0.0487 CAD CAD Convert CUP to CAD 100 Cuban Peso to Can Dollar
1 CUP AUD = 0.049 AUD AUD Convert CUP to AUD 100 Cuban Peso to AU dollar
1 CUP INR = 2.5004 INR INR Convert CUP to INR 100 Cuban Peso to Indian Rupee
1 CUP AED = 0.144 AED AED Convert CUP to AED 100 Cuban Peso to UAE Dirham
1 CUP JPY = 4.3186 JPY JPY Convert CUP to JPY 100 Cuban Peso to Yen
1 CUP CNY = 0.2512 CNY CNY Convert CUP to CNY 100 Cuban Peso to Yuan
1 CUP HKD = 0.3066 HKD HKD Convert CUP to HKD 100 Cuban Peso to HK Dollar
1 CUP SGD = 0.0516 SGD SGD Convert CUP to SGD 100 Cuban Peso to Singapore Dollar
1 CUP BTC = 0 BTC BTC Convert CUP to BTC 100 Cuban Peso to Bitcoin

Cuban Peso currency rate vs major world currencies. Links to conversion pairs, and links to conversion result of 100 units to foreign currency.

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